Titus 2 Women

We love the name Titus. This is why we named our first and only child Titus. We love that Titus was a man of God and we want our son to be a man of God. Paul calls Titus a "true child in common faith" in the letter he wrote in the New Testament. Paul had several of these "children" in the faith. In his letter to Titus, Paul encourages the older teaching the younger, being an example for those who come in this journey after us. 

My original Titus 2 woman! My mom!

My original Titus 2 woman! My mom!

There have been several women in my life that fit this description, especially in this past year. They've pulled me under their wing, or aside in the church parking lot, or let me have a good cry in their driveway, They've told me I'm doing a good job, hugged me, oohed and ahhed at pictures of Titus, and commandeered extra Bible Study Fellowship lessons for me while I was on the waiting list. They've been loving me, challenging me, encouraging me, discipling me. 

These women and these moments all look different. They are not the traditional one on one discipleship relationships that we think about when we hear this passage of the Bible. They are not so scheduled. They pass through my life in graceful glimpses or awkward spasms, but I know they are purposeful moments placed in my path by the Father.

I would like to use this space to highlight these women and the moments God used them in my life. They've given me courage to dig deeper in my faith and challenged me to be a Titus 2 woman for someone else. I hope by sharing these moments, you are challenged to become one as well. Trust me. There is a a gal pal who needs YOU. She needs you to pull her aside after spin class, to grab coffee with her, to get that text from you. She needs your wisdom, your courage, the message God has uniquely given you to share with her. She needs God and you can show Him to her. How can you reach her today?