Letters From Judy

About once a month, I get a hand written letter from a beautiful lady named Judy. 

About five or six months ago, she visited our house church because her college aged son attends it. During our house church she shared so much wisdom during our discussion time and I thought to myself, "I wish I had more time to talk with her." You see, we don't have many women in the 50's + age range at our church and sometimes I really feel that ache to have an older woman invest in me. When I was a kid, my mom participated in a program called "Apples of Gold." It was a group full of older women mentoring younger women. They rotated houses each week and each older mentor taught on a topic that they were particularly gifted in. They broke bread together and prayed together. Did life together. I was way too young to be in the group at the time, but since hitting my twenties I've longed for this kind of group or mentor in my life.

About a week later after I met Judy, I got a written letter of pure encouragement from her in snail mail from Texas! The letter was five pages long! It was full of Scripture and wisdom and compassion. She takes an interest in my marriage, my son, my church, my trials, and my victories. Mostly she is focused on encouraging my relationship with Christ. The first letter came at a time when I was in a postpartum funk and everything about life was particularly hard. God has perfect timing. God sees us in our need. It probably took some courage on her part to write to me. It also too time out of her precious schedule. And it touched me greatly that she noticed me and saw my need. Instead of focusing on all the logistics (She lives a full day away by car!) she focused on the way that God did give her to reach out to me, which was a handwritten letter.

We have been writing letters ever since. Can I encourage you that there is no one perfect way to discipleship? It can look like two women meeting for a coffee. Or it can be a college gal coming over to meet you while your baby naps. Or it can be in handwritten seven page letters to a sister in Christ on the other side of the country or even the world. Let's not put God in a box. 

I will leave you with one excerpt from Judy's last letter. 

I see the earlier part of this month you (and Titus) experienced a snowy day in Dayton. Sounds like you had a delightful day. Did you know that the word “Snow” has a negative connotation associated with it? It can mean to defeat, overwhelm and close off. But it also means “to cover.” It is the frozen precipitation of rain that falls as soft white flakes. This juxtaposition of what snow is and can be, potentially turning into inclement weather, as well as a beautiful display of the grace and mercy falls down in the form of white flakes can only be the works of God. On that day, through the eyes of Titus, God gave you a reminder that you (and your family) are blanketed with His presence and love at all times.
— Judy