Bambino's Name, I Love Yous, and Compression Socks

We are heading swiftly, and by that I mean face planting, into the third trimester here in the Vincent household so I thought I would post some updates.

1. Drumroll. We picked a baby name for Bambino: Matthias Pierce Vincent. Matthias means gift of God. It is pronounced Math, not Matt, although we want that part of the name to be after Tim's father, whose name is Matt. Pierce is my maiden name and it means Rock, as it is a form of Peter. We decided to stick with the "us" sounding names to go with Titus. No, we probably won't have a nickname for him, although we said that with Titus and we call him Ty, Little Man, Bubby, Kiddo, Baby, Doodle, Munchkin...

I've been joking with Tim that this is the biggest act of submission that has come in our marriage. (I'm finally not afraid to use that word! Yay!) Why? The act of submission I learned this spring in Colossians means to consider one another before yourself. Our runners up were Lazarus and Tobias. Call me crazy, but last year I felt strongly like God was telling me we would have another boy and we would name him Lazarus. Turns out we are having another boy and even though I've never heard another baby called Lazarus before, a close family friend just named her son that. Tim never loved the name so we kept looking, found Matthias, prayed over it for a week, and knew that this was Bambino's name. I love it. I love my son. I love knowing his name and calling him by name. I love that my husband loves our son and his name just as much as I do. And I love that I will remember that my heart is at peace when I'm considering my whole family above myself. 

2. Titus is a rambunctious toddler. No news there. Remember when your infant was tiny and they didn't do anything but suck milk from you and wake you up in the middle of the night and although you loved them, you just NEEDED a sign they might love you back just a teeny tiny bit? That is exactly when God says "it's time to give your mom a smile" and suddenly they start smiling and you realize it is all worth it and you can keep going another day. I just hit that moment of toddlerhood, except it was so much better than a smile.

We were walking out of the gym. I was soaking wet from the pool because it is one million degrees out. I'm trying to sign Titus out of child watch and juggle him on my hip/hold on to him for dear life while he is attempting to pull off my swimsuit and expose my pregnant self to all of downtown Dayton. When I was done signing him out, I asked, "Can I give you a kiss?" He cheerfully piped back "YES!" Then he leaned in for a smooch. My heart was already melted so I said, "I love you." 

And then. Clear as day you guys. He says, "I love you."


Okay. I can go on another day. I remember why I'm doing this. 

Thanks God. I'm never gonna stop crying about that moment and will need waterproof mascara forever, but thanks God. 

I was so excited I told the YMCA front desk ladies and in my distraction forgot to get my parking token. So then I had to march my pregnant dripping half naked self and wiggly toddler back inside to get a token. Oh well. WORTH IT BECAUSE HE LOVES ME!

3. I'm about to search Amazon for some compression socks, "Ted Hose," they call them. First of all, who is Ted? Why are socks named after him? And why in the world am I about to turn 27 and feel like the most geriatric person on the planet? Well, its for a good reason.


I'm overpreparing in all the ways, and one is to keep my vericose veins feeling safe, warm, and loved inside some very sexy compression socks. I'm terrified of flying, for many reasons, the entire six seasons of LOST for one. Another reason are blood clots, which run in my family and are a higher risk in pregnancy. I am under no pretense that these will quell my hysteria upon take off, but a girl can dream. I'm learning to live wild and free, and I think that means not letting my fears hold me back from whatever crazy adventures God wants to takes me on. I've already given unmedicated birth in a pool, I guess I can fly to Hawaii for a second honeymoon with my husband. It's worth it, but thanks to Ted, I'm at least going to fly clotless.

4. If you can't tell, I'm a walking emotional roller coaster. Glass cage of emotion. Sensitive. Happy Sad Mad Scared all the time. I've hit that point of pregnancy, and I'm okay with it. On Christ the solid rock I stand. He's never moved, even though I do. I'm leaning in to Him and letting Him carry me the rest of the way because it really is too heavy to carry on my own, ted hose or not. Motherhood has nudged me, no forced me, to let go because I physically can't do it all. And so, I'm allowing Christ to lighten my burden and lighten my heart in the process. Enjoy, for once, a not so deep post by this Oatmeal Heart. XOXO