The Back of my Head

I've been thinking a lot about the back of my head lately. Weird, right? 

I can never quite curl or straighten the back of my hair. Can anybody actually do this? Outside of pinterest world? I always try, but give up and think "eh, it doesn't need to be perfect" and leave it straight or flipped in the opposite direction.  I've come to love the rebellious wisps on the back of my head doing the opposite of what the rest of my hair is obediently not making a fuss about. The back of my head is my "middle child" that you love despite all the fists they shake, maybe more because of them. And even this small quirk about me reminds me of grace upon endless grace.

I have a few friends that are willing to touch the back of my head.

And my mom. Because, hello, that's what moms do. 

They are the ones I call when I need someone to curl or straighten the hair on the back of my head. They make me beautiful in ways I could not have beautified myself. 

These are also the people I have called when I had lice. It's happened twice now in adulthood. I've felt like a leper both times. I have no earthly idea how. No, I don't share hair products. No my kids don't have them. No, I don't hug strangers. My sweet people have not only touched my head, they've picked the darn things out one by one! AND even bought me new hairbrushes and gave me a big hug even against my insistence they stay. FAR. FAR. AWAY.

This morning I read Galatians 6:1-10 with Dayton Women in the Word's Beyond Titus 2 study. It is all about bearing with one another, gently restoring each other when we find each other in sin, and not giving up on doing good, particularly with the body of Christ. 

There will always be places in my life that I could not possibly reach on my own. There will always be licey sin hidden underneath my disguised sandy locks. There will always be one hair going the opposite direction. I absolutely need others to touch the back of my head, the back of my heart, with gentleness, with determination, with love.

I need others to not give up on me.

And. I need to be willing to go there for my sisters. To touch their creepy crawlies. To be the willing hands to curl and straighten. To gently restore. To never give up.

I'm so grateful that I have women in my life who are willing to be my back of the head people. My friend describes this as "she covers my weakness in her strength." I love that. We cover each other.

As God covers us. As God restores us. As God is gentle with us. As God gently created these very hairs on our heads. As God goes there for us. As God bore the cross for us.

No, it doesn't feel good on either end sometimes. I'm typically cranky on the nit picking and the being nit picked side! We would rather our sanctification be a private, personal hygiene affair, behind closed doors, where only we see the rawest parts of our own humanness. We must admit that yet again, for no discernible reason, despite our highest efforts, we can not, on our own, reach what we need to reach. But I think God allows this for our good, because, doesn't He show us that He is never out of reach by doing so? And doesn't He give us others in our lives to show us this? And doesn't He call us to bridge the gap to also show others this hair curling truth?

Can we just all have a good laugh at our own ridiculous shenanigans to try to prove that we can do it on our own? Can we just give up, hold hands, and praise Jesus already?

Bear with me, sister, as I bear with you.

By the way, I love your hair.